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Everything you need to know about Instagram

Many social networks exist today. Instagram is one among the most popular and although fairly new, it already boasts millions of users. Still, many continue to join it. To understand everything about Instagram, here’s what you need to know.
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What exactly is Instagram

Instagram is a popular social network that works with images only. Soon as you sign up, a profile is handed to you where you fill in details about you. After that, it’s all pictures. You should also buy followers on Instagram to gain credibility. How to get Instagram followers fast?

How it works

How to buy 50 Instagram likes? First, take a picture or several if you wish, and then upload them on the Instagram app on your phone or the Instagram site on your PC. After uploading, you can give it a name, tag and even apply a filter to make the picture more captivating.

You also have the option to share the picture to several other social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Once shared, it becomes visible to the public and other users can see it.


In order to view pictures on other people’s timeline, you must add them as friends. This will also allow them to view your timeline as well. One spectacular thing about this is that such people don’t exactly need to be your friends in real life. However, it’s better starting off with people you may actually know.

You can also add businesses and so many other interesting profiles you might come across to your friend list.

It’s important to note that once you start sharing your images and the people you share interests with view your timeline, you’ll start getting new friends.


Earlier on we had mentioned about tags. In case you are wondering what that is, well, it’s nothing other than a statement or name describing your image. If for instance you take a picture while basking at a beach in Miami, you can tag the picture #miami or #miamithings or #miamibeach, whatever way you like.

Hashtags make it easy to find information. Soon as a user searches for the tag, your image will appear. In addition, tags make it easy to identify friends with similar interests.

Quite important to note is the Instagram Tags, a popular website where they list the most popular Instagram tags. The tags are updated daily and one can view them for free. When users tag their images with the popular tags, they are likely to get more followers and likes.


Most Instagram users tend to go over the top with their tags. Some go to an extent of having over 20 tags on an image. Well, as much as this will have one listed in the search results for the used tags, Instagram is yet to start putting a limit on the number of tags one can use.

How can it help my business?

With Instagram, you can connect with your customers and boost your interactions with them at no cost. In fact, one interesting thing about the site is that women outnumber men. It’s a fantastic place to get in touch with potential clients, especially women.

Bottom line

Instagram still continues to grow at an extraordinary high pace compared to other social networking sites. Overall, it’s a free and fun way to share your life with friends and family through a series of photographs.

Buy Vine Followers

Buy Cheap Vine Followers

When Twitter first introduced Vine to the world in 2013, few people expected the application to achieve such success, not in such a short amount of time. Today, Vine is rising fast and threatening larger giants in the field as a social media app that is essentially changing the video sharing landscape.

What is Vine?

Put simple, Vine is a video sharing app; however it is far from another YouTube wannabe. Rather Vine sets itself apart through the size restrictions it imposes on all its videos. Creating vine videos involves capturing short instances using your phone that you can then connect to create a final video no longer than six seconds.

Vine’s short videos are played in a continuous loop; one can also view them on twitter’s timeline or on a webpage within which they are embedded.

How the App Works?

To use buy Vine followers, you are going to need a compatible (iOS and Android) device like a smartphone; the app can be downloaded from one of several sources.

Aesthetically, Vine is comparable to Instagram, providing scrollable feeds of all the vines posted by your friends on the home screen. Upon signing up, you are provided a profile page that you can customize as you wish; Vine will typically import information (name, bio, photos) from your twitter account and insert it into your vine account when you join.


Buy Vine Followers

Making a Vine

Making Vine videos is a relatively simple task; you need only hold your finger down on the screen for a second or two each time to film separate instances that Vine will put to together to create your first Vine video. Imagination is critical in this area; you can hold and lift your finger to film as many instances as you want, so long as, upon combination, they do not exceed six seconds, and you’ll get a lot of Vine followers because of this. How to get followers on Vine fast? There is also an option to buy Vine followers at Twisted-Vine or YouTube.

Admittedly, finding success on Vine takes some experience; after all, anyone with the right equipment and an idea can create an impressive YouTube Video; however crafting content of noteworthy entertainment value within a paltry six seconds is no easy task.

Why is Vine so Popular?

For all its quirks, buying Vine followers, is nothing more than a video sharing app; and as such one would not be faulted for questioning its rising popularity. And, in truth, the meteoric rise of Vine is most likely connected to its humor, this contributing to its victory over Instagram.

Vine is inundated with short videos the majority of which aim to and succeed in delivering simple yet effective humor; and that isn’t even taking into account the convenience.

Not everyone has the time to sit down and consume several minutes or even hours’ worth of video content; vine excels in providing bite sized video content that is not only hilarious but easy to consume in all settings, telling a story in the span of time most other videos on the internet would use to introduce their material.

Admittedly there are a few kinks that Vine would need to solve to find its place as a true giant in the social media arena, chief amongst which is its inability to provide an avenue for users to upload video from their camera roll.

None the less there is no denying the important place vine is destined to hold.